Auto-hemotherapy according to Dr. Luiz Moura:

It is a simple and low cost therapeutic resource which is nothing more than drawing blood from a vein and applying it into a muscle. This stimulates the Reticulo-endothelial System and increases fourfold the macrophages in the whole organism.
This method has been used for over 100 years and nearly disappeared when antibiotics appeared in the 1940s.
Today due to the use of auto-hemotherapy on a large scale by practically all levels of the Brazilian society, there is a popular movement in favour of its formal acceptance.
Testimonies from users with regard to healthy benefits obtained at low cost are a strong encouragement.
Other arguments are the studies and scientific texts available, particularly those on the internet - where it is circulated that an estimated 20,000,000 (twenty million) people have already watched the Auto-Hemotherapy DVD Talking to Dr Luiz Moura.
It is an opportunity for a beneficial transformation for all of us.
Every person, if they so wish, do whatever is within their reach.
There are many people who - without making their names public and without enjoying recognition - have been contributing to the good of all, in the most different ways and places. Only a reckoning on a cosmic scale can catch a glimpse of this mystery.
Carla Michalik Morad, Eduardo Santana, Joaquim Marcal de Souza, Karla Kinhirin and Lina Costa took the time to transcribe what Dr. Luiz Moura said in the DVD prepared by Ana Martinez and myself.
Mrs Vera Moura and Dr. Luiz Moura himself revised the text that we make available below. Because its contents are clear and profound, we believe it will be beneficial to many.
At the end, after the transcription of the text, we have included a list of sites with information on auto-hemotherapy: scientific texts and newspaper articles, virtual DVDs and general information.
And further down - with the purpose of expanding the network we devised a small table where, if you wish, you can include your name and e-mail, briefly describe what you can offer and what you are seeking with regard to auto-hemotherapy.
... and, if possible, please send all this information to whomever you may consider it necessary.
We have time and history in our favour.
With pleasure,
Rio de Janeiro, 4th of March 2008
Luiz Fernando Sarmento
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A minha esposa estava condenada a fazer uma cirurgia para retirada dos "MIOMAS" aí então, começou a fazer a "autohemoterapia" e já está ha seis meses fazendo , e não vai ser preciso mais passar por cirurgia por que os "miomas" já não existem mais. Obrigado,Dr.Luiz Moura! Possa o Senhor te abençoar grandemente pelo bem que têm feito a tantas pessoas por esse mundo afora!

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